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When an Aging Parent is Forgetful, a Home Care Companion in Hazelwood MO Can Make Life Easier

Home Care Hazelwood MOCognitive issues such as memory loss are a common feature of aging. Many seniors have trouble remembering things from day to day, or may even forget things from one moment to the next. While symptoms such as this are not at all unusual, when they become serious it can make a major impact on your loved one’s safety and quality of life. If you notice that your aging parent is becoming forgetful, hiring a home care companion can make life easier for both of you.

It’s never easy to admit that your parent is experiencing the effects of aging, but when these effects become noticeable and begin to have a serious effect on his life, you need to start making decisions to protect his well-being. One of the best decisions that you can make for an aging parent coping with memory loss is to hire a home care companion. Such a companion will be there for your aging parent throughout the day to make sure that his physical, medical and emotional needs are taken care of, and that his memory loss doesn’t put him at risk.

Some of the things to look for when considering if your aging parent has become forgetful include:

• He seems to be having trouble identifying people
• He asks for things several times, even when they are given to him
• He calls several times about the same issues
• He asks to watch television shows that haven’t been on for years
• He turns on the oven or other appliance and forgets to turn it off
• He doesn’t take his medication on time or forgets to eat regularly

You may also notice that your aging loved one seems to have a much shorter temper than he used to, or that he is extremely sensitive. These things go along with memory loss because your parent is feeling confused, nervous and out of control. By hiring a home care companion to spend the day with your aging parent you are giving him back his sense of security while also allowing him to maintain his independence.

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