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Weakness or Feebleness is not in our vocabulary

Weakness or Feebleness is not in our vocabulary
Senior Care Kirkwood MOWeakness or Feebleness is not in our vocabulary
Weakness occurs when we are inactive in our lifestyle. This is a term that suggest that fragility, vulnerability, slowness, disability, poor health and feebleness. If we remain inactive these things can lead to…
·       Fluid retention and Increased blood pressure
·       Stiff joints and the inability to ambulate or injuries
·       Weight loss or gain (muscle atrophy)
·       Shortness of breath upon activity and likelihood to fall
By becoming active you can avoid these things. There are four different categories and you can receive different benefits from each.
·       Activities that increase your breathing and heart rate such as walking, biking or swimming.
·       Exercises that build strength such as wrist and ankle weights applied while lifting your extremities.
·       Balance activities that can be done to prevent falls, such as sitting and touching your finger to your nose and sitting with good posture.
·       Joint mobility or flexibility such as stretching your arms, legs, neck and back.
In conclusion, if you want to maintain your health, I suggest that you keep mobile to lower your blood pressure and maintain your muscle mass to prevent from getting injuries. Keep active!