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We Have Live-In Caregivers !

We Have Live-In Caregivers !

Did you know you have other options other than facility care when your loved one needs more help.  Most people think its inevitable that they will have to move mom or dad to a nursing home.  Live in care is one of your other options, and it is a not a new concept, in fact, many of the caregivers at Senior Services Unlimited have been doing this type of care for years.  There are a few differences between the two:

The main and most obvious difference is that live in care enables a relative to remain living in their own home; There is no move to new and unfamiliar surroundings. They can keep their pets whereas many care homes are unable to accommodate them. Continuing to be involved in your community and no disruption in the daily routine.  A live in caregiver will provide one-to-one care whereas in a residential home many caregivers work on rotation system to share responsibility. Being supported by one person promotes a depth of professional relationship that enables a caregiver to instantly respond as necessary. They can recognize signs of possible decline in condition, changes of status, rapid onset health concerns as well as fully understand what makes a difference in their client’s day, what makes them laugh and eat, relaxes and soothes them, eases pain and loneliness, generally makes life them live life to the fullest.

Live in care is comparable in cost to Nursing homes and compared to some of the more upscale homes, is a much more cost effective option. In many instances one live in caregiver can provide care for a couple, which is a far more cost effective financial option than the cost of two beds in a nursing home.