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The Post-Holiday Blues: How Caregivers in Webster Groves MO cope with Stress that can Sneak In on Them!

The Post-Holiday Blues: How Caregivers in Webster Groves MO cope with Stress that can Sneak In on Them!

No matter what level of care someone may need, and if you are the one providing that care to them, whether you’re a family member or professional getting paid to provide care.  It’s a good idea to be aware of caregiver stress.  For many people who are a family caregiver for their loved one, the stress that they feel may sneak in on them, without any warning.   In other words, you may not realize that it’s building until you’re feeling overwhelmed, and exhausted.Caregivers Webster Groves MO

When that happens, the quality of care that you provide to the elderly individual will generally decline, and this could have serious repercussions in the long run.  During the holidays, such as the end of the year and into New Year’s, there is often a sense of euphoria, a sense of family and friendship, of looking back on all of the things that you did during the year, and then hope for the future.  You make resolutions and promise yourself, or others, that you’re going to do things better than ever.

Then New Year’s is upon us, we celebrate it by ringing in the new year, and sleep in late for one day and before long, we’re back to our normal routine.  The hustle and bustle of daily life begins to press in on us, and before you know it, all of the friends and family members who were there throughout the holidays are back to their own routines and their own life.

That’s when caregiver stress can sneak in, except at this time of the year it has the potential to feel different.  The stress and anxiety that you may have been feeling toward the end of last year begin to change and you may feel depressed.  You may be looking to the year ahead and realize that if you’re still providing this level of care to your loved one, then you may be in even worse shape than you were at the end of last years.

Senior care stress is real and it’s something to take seriously.  It doesn’t mean that you’re failing at providing the best care for your loved one.  It simply means that when you’re stressed and when that stress builds, it can negatively impact all aspects of your life, even the quality of care that you’re providing.

Take the time now to address any caregiver stress that you’re feeling and if necessary, consider alternatives, such as hiring a professional caregiver to help support your loved one.  It could be the best decision you make to start the year!

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