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The dangers of Seniors with Dementia moving out of their homes.

Seniors with Dementia moving out of their homes St. Louis
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The dangers of Seniors with Dementia moving out of their homes.

Seniors with dementia often have a routine and do better with consistency. Often times they almost become OCD. We had one client that would get very agitated when someone moved something around or off his table. This was his place he sat at every morning after getting up out of bed. So no matter how messy it was, it was his mess and he had an order to it.
A friend told me her grandmother whose home was in an assisted living facility had to move her. This was due to the evacuation during the latest hurricane in Destin, Florida. They never expected what would happen next.

This caused increased confusion that lead to a stroke and her passing. She just couldn’t understand where she was and could not make sense of it. My friend said she was used to order which became worse with dementia.
Even though she was in the beginning stages of dementia, it was very important for her to know her environment and people around her.  She stated the facility never expected this to happen.
At Senior Services Unlimited we can eliminate the confusion and keep your loved one at home.

For a free evaluation call our nurse Cherie at 314-646-8131 to make an appointment. She will come out to discuss a plan of care that would work well with you and your family.

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