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Summertime Fun: Elder Care at a BBQ in Webster Groves MO

Elder Care Webster Groves MOCookouts, barbecues and outdoor parties – they are all part of summer fun, enjoyed by people of all ages. If you have been dreading these outings because you are a caregiver, don’t fear. There are ways for you and your aging loved one to have a great time! You just need to plan ahead a little.

First of all, ensure that your mom’s health is good enough to go to a party keeping in mind that there could be heat and lots of sunshine, insects and party noise, smoke from the cookers and possibly lots of children running around and getting into everything.

Check with the host and make sure they know you are bringing your elderly mom, what her limitations are and can they accommodate her. If it doesn’t look like it’s going to work, perhaps another of your relatives can watch over your mom at home so that you can still go. It’s important for you to socialize and get out and attend functions.

If you and your host both think it will work out well to bring your mom, go for it! It will do your mom a lot of good to get out and enjoy the fresh air, socialize with people and take part in the fun. She was once young too, mobile and eager to go to events. Just because her body has slowed down, doesn’t mean she has lost the desire to attend a summer BBQ.

Some tips to help everything go smoothly

  • Make sure that any necessary arrangements are made for dietary restrictions your mom may have so that she can enjoy the food at the activity.
  • What kind of seating will be available? Will there be chairs supplied or should you bring your own? If your mom is in a wheelchair, will there be an appropriate place to park it?
  • Shade and shelter. Especially on hot sunny days, the elderly can’t tolerate too much time in the sun. Some good shade would be appropriate, and some shelter in case of rain or inclement weather.
  • Sunscreen should be applied before your elderly loved one goes outside.
  • Make sure she dresses in layers of clothes, so that she can keep them on if she feels chilly or she can begin to peel off outside layers of she needs to cool off.
  • Make sure that your mom is in a spot where she can enjoy watching the children playing, but they won’t be bumping into her and possibly putting her off balance or knocking her down.
  • Your mom’s spot should also be away from the hot BBQ.

Have some fun! This is a good way for you and your senior to enjoy some summer fun and some socializing.

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