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Spring is Here! Should Senior Care In Ladue MO be Concerned with the Flu Still?

Spring is Here! Should Senior Care In Ladue MO be Concerned with the Flu Still?

Ah, Spring! How we’ve missed you.  After a long, cold, tough winter that didn’t seem to want to end, we want to bask in the warmth and glory of the spring months.  Throw those windows open, keep the doors open, listen to the chirping of the birds and watch squirrels scatter to find food one again.  With such a blessing that has been bestowed upon us, should you still be concerned about the flu?  For senior care, the answer is a profound yes.Senior Care Ladue MO

The flu gets a lot of attention when we are heading into the latter portion of autumn and throughout winter, but little during the warmer months.  Does that mean that the flu simply doesn’t exist during the summer?  No, plenty of people get sick with the flu. However, the number of cases of the flu is much lower and one of the reasons why it’s so prevalent during the winter because the windows are closed up tight, and fresh air doesn’t move through homes and businesses during those colder months.

But just because winter is over and the windows are being opened up once again, it’s still something that we have to be concerned about.  Senior health care services will likely advise you that it’s still vital to keep the flu in mind, and it could even be more important to pay attention to the risks involved.

Why?  During the winter, when the flu is at near epidemic levels, it mutates.  This means that the virus strain that was going around during the fall has changed and that means vaccines might not be as effective at combating the next generation of the flu. The flu can still be as devastating to elderly individuals and infants, so it’s something to keep in mind, as the weather turns warm.

What can you do to help reduce the risk of getting the flu?

There are several things that the elderly individual can do to reduce his or her chances of getting the flu.  One is to make sure that they, and everyone around them, wash their hands on a regular basis.  Another thing is to get the right amount of vitamins and nutrients in the diet.

If you’re providing senior care, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the flu and if someone might have it, they should use caution when they are planning on being near the elderly individual.  Dust masks can also help reduce the risk of spreading the flu if you suspect that someone may have the flu.

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