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Grief with a Purpose: Making Senior Care in St. Louis, MO Your Life Goal

Senior Care St. Louis MOIt is unlikely that when you were young you spent a lot of time thinking about the eventual need to provide senior care for your parents. Many young people have the perpetual perspective of their parents as being vital, young and healthy and simply cannot imagine the point in life at which their parents would be incapable of taking care of themselves independently. When the time came, however, you found yourself not only adapting quickly to your role as a senior care provider for your aging parents, but finding it fulfilling and satisfying. As the end of your parents’ lives grow near, however, you are coping with more responsibilities and more difficult emotions than before. There are two ways that you can approach this grief. The first is to let it overwhelm you and end your role as a caregiver. The other is to continue to love and honor your loved ones even after they pass by making senior care the ongoing focus of your life.

Grief with a purpose is about taking everything that you have learned in your role as a senior care provider for your aging loved ones and translating it into a career aimed at helping others. There are many options available that can help you channel the pain and loss that you are feeling into a productive and valuable ongoing role. Some of the options include:

Senior Care Provider

If you found your role as a caregiver comfortable and fulfilling, you may be interested in continuing your education and finding a permanent career as a care provider for other seniors. This can allow you to help others going through the aging of their loved ones feel more confident about their loved ones’ quality of life, health and happiness.

Support Group Leader

Within your role as a senior care provider you likely encountered stress, confusion and other difficult emotions. Being a part of a support group is an amazing way to get through these emotions and learn coping skills that can help you be a more effective and healthier care provider.

Senior Advocate

Most hospitals have senior advocates on staff that help families make decisions regarding ongoing senior care. It is the role of such an advocate to comfort the family, educate them on all of the options and protect the interests and rights of the senior.

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