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Senior Care Issues Hazelwood MO: Cataract Awareness

Senior Care Issues Hazelwood MOCataracts are an extremely common senior care issue. The reality is that over half of seniors will develop cataracts by the time that they turned 70, and it is believed that every person will develop cataracts if they just live long enough. This doesn’t mean, however, that seniors and senior care providers need to prepare for an inevitable life of poor or even nonexistent vision. Just because cataracts are thought to develop in virtually all people does not mean that all people will completely lose their sense of vision, because with appropriate awareness and treatment, it is possible to overcome cataracts and restore vision.

Cataract awareness is not just about being able to see easily. Cataracts can warp vision and make a senior more susceptible to injury from falling or car accidents should they make the decision to continue to drive after the development of cataracts. Studies of actually indicated that seniors who undergo outpatient cataract surgery are far less likely to experience breaking a hip due to a fall. It is essential that seniors remain vigilant with their eye care, and take a diagnosis with cataracts seriously as to make proactive and effective decisions regarding the future of their eye health.

As serious as cataracts sound, there are actually many simple procedures that can be performed on an outpatient basis to remove cloudy lenses and even improve the vision beyond what it was when the eyes were without cataracts.

If your aging loved ones experiencing any of the following vision symptoms, contact your local senior care referral services to find out where you can seek effective treatment for these cataracts:

• Vision that appears blurred or cloudy
• Difficulty seeing in low light that does not seem to be bothering others
• Difficulty seeing at night, especially in terms of focusing on specific objects
• Difficulty seeing while driving, particularly if driving in low light or bad weather
• Increased sensitivity to bright lights
• Lights appearing hazy, or seeing a halo around light sources
• The perception that colors have stated
• Everything taking on a yellowed appearance
• Feeling as though you are looking at everything with a hazy border.

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