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Questions about Elder Care in Kirkwood MO: 3 Signs that Your Parent Might Need It!

Questions about Elder Care in Kirkwood MO: 3 Signs that Your Parent Might Need It!

Having questions about whether or not your loved one needs some form of elder care are actually common.  While you may lay awake at night feeling a bit guilty for having these thoughts, or you may be worried about what it could mean for your elderly loved one’s health and future, it’s not something that you should shy away from, or avoid.Elder Care Kirkwood MO

The longer that you delay at least talking about the possibility of home care for the elderly, the more complicated things could become if you’re faced with an emergency situation in the future.

Right now, you might be wondering whether you’re just reading into things too much, that you’re overly concerned.  That is a normal reaction, but if you’re having any concerns about your loved one’s health and well-being, especially about his or her safety within the comfort of his or her home, then there are reasons for those concerns.

In fact, there could be many little things that you’ve noticed in recent days or weeks that have brought these things to light.  If you see a pattern of behavior, or hear things that he or she says to you that are causing you concern, then now is the time to begin looking into the prospect of elderly home care.

Below are three signs that your parent might need some form of elder care in the near future.

  1. Not paying household bills on time.  If your mother has always been frugal with her time and money, and paid the bills as soon as they came in, but now she’s running late, it might not be financially related.  She could be forgetting to take care of them.
  2. Home repairs aren’t being addressed.  When we age, we aren’t able to do some of the things that we used to do.  Home repair, such as basic cleaning, keeping up with the gutters, and other aspects could become neglected.  If your loved one isn’t cleaning, or it appears as though he or she is having trouble tending to even the most basic home upkeep tasks, this could be a sign that they need help.
  3. Hygiene isn’t what it used to be.  If you notice that your mother’s hair looks as though she hasn’t washed it in days, or longer, or you suspect that she might not be bathing, this could be due to uncertainty, imbalance, or other factors that home care for the elderly could help with.

If you have concerns about your loved one’s safety at home, speak to them about it. Don’t wait. Elder care can be the difference between a healthy and safe life filled with excitement, or one that could lead to an emergency situation.

For more information about elder care in Kirkwood MO, contact Senior Services Unlimited. We are an elder care agency providing affordable and respectful home care to couples, veterans, and the disabled. call (314) 646-8131.