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Preventing Winter Mishaps for Seniors

Preventing Winter Mishaps for Seniors.

Most seniors are familiar within their environment. However, when something changes like cold weather, snow or ice, and family outings we must plan. 

A great start is good nutrition, eating meals that cause less inflammation in the body.  Arthritis, stiff joints become worse in winter months supplementing with fish oil and vitamin D can help. For the winter weather making sure proper clothing is worn like non-slip boots, gloves and rubber stoppers on the canes and walkers.

Avoid falls by using the proper equipment such as a wheelchair, walker or cane with stand by assist. Always, stay on a cleared walking path.

If they are transferring in a car be sure that a proper transfer is done. It may require extra assistance. Preparing and in advance will allow a safer and less frustrating experience for both the senior and their loved one/caregiver.

Here are some activities to enjoy during the winter months:

Plant indoor plants
Make holiday gifts
Meet a friend for coffee
Enjoy a warm spa bath
Make a holiday scrapbook
Go to the local library event
Color holiday coloring book
Bake gluten free cookies

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