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Managing Care when your client is put on Hospice

Managing Care when your client is put on Hospice

When a loved one develops a change in condition that is life threatening it is important to talk about a plan of care. This is not always an easy conversation with the family. We understand that is great to plan for quality care when their loved one is put on hospice. So the family has time to reflect on their lives while preparing. At Senior Services Unlimited we know it is most important for the family to feel trust with the caregiver. Trusting a caregiver with their loved one involves knowledge. Our hospice caregivers at Senior Services Unlimited have years of experience. They understand that great quality care comes from understanding of the disease process and being client centered to develop an individual plan of care. This plan includes:

· Encouraging the client to do whatever they can still do for themselves. This gives the client some sense of control.
· Maintaining their quality of life as much as possible
· Monitoring their pain level
· Monitoring for shortness of breath and preventing over exertion.
· Planning activities for periods when the client has more energy
· Preventing skin breakdown
· Encouraging supplements, fluids, etc.
· Listen and encourage them to talk about their past and loved ones. As well as their fears by being psychologically available to them.

If we can help put you and your loved one at ease with our wonderful care please let us know. We are family owned and we would love to make you a part of our family. If you have any questions you can contact any one of us here at 314-646-8131.