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Living with Dementia

Living with Dementia
Living with Dementia may be tough but developing a plan for yourself will help. There are some things that can help you live with Dementia. Such as challenging yourself by reading, completing puzzles or playing cards. Some other ideas are visiting a local museum, starting a new hobby such as scrap booking.
Staying connected is very important, so make sure you spend time with your family and friends.
In the community you could join a class at the library, attend a yoga class, join a book club or get involved in a church by volunteering.
Creating healthy habits like getting enough fluids, eating clean healthy meals, adding supplements or detox to your diet that support and nourish the brain are also very important. Also, getting some exercise such as taking a daily walk would be beneficial.
Being able to communicate your feelings is also important. You could try creating a journal and write positive quotes or thoughts.  Do not be afraid to ask for help, if you are finding yourself struggling you could join a support group with other people going through the same change.
Lastly, get connected with yourself!  Do not forget to take time for you, focus on what you can still accomplish, live in the now!