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Information to Go Over with Home Care Services in Hazelwood MO

Information to Go Over with Home Care Services in Hazelwood MO

When you have finally found the perfect home care companion for your family member, there is some information, which you will need to go over.  It’s important that the caregiver knows things like whether or not your loved one needs help with meal preparation or with running errands.  Here are some basics for you to go over with the companion:Home Care Services Hazelwood MO

  • If your loved one needs to take medication, although the home care provider cannot give the medication to your family member, he or she can provide a reminder.  So you can explain whether your family member likes to take it with juice, milk or water, and what times he or she would need reminded.
  • You need to write down any likes, or dislikes about food or drinks or if your loved one has any allegories.  Also whether your loved one enjoys a cup of tea in the afternoon, or coffee with breakfast.
  • You will need to explain whether your senior needs assistance with cooking or, if with encouragement, he or she can do it himself or herself.  Also, let the companion know if the food needs to be cut into small pieces, or if your senior needs assistance when eating.  Discuss too if there is cleaning that has to be done, if and when help is needed, and whether your loved one can make his or her own bed, etc.
  • Let the companion know how your loved one likes to sleep.  What time he or she gets up, if naps are taken and what time your senior goes to bed.  Also make a note if he or she likes to have a light on or music playing; or perhaps, the TV playing.
  • Bathroom habits also need to be discussed.  Can he or she use the bathroom by himself or herself or does he or she need assistance with bathing and dressing?
  • Describe what in home activities your family member enjoys doing.  Make a note if there is a specific schedule that needs to be adhered to.  Does your loved one enjoy watching certain TV shows, playing games, reading the newspaper or a good book?
  • If you loved one likes to go outside, is there a special place they like to walk? Would he or she enjoy the movie theater, or maybe a stroll around the mall?  If he or she does go out, make a note if a walker or cane needs to be used and whether a jacket will be needed if they tend to get cold easily.
  • If your family member is feeling lonely, is there a friend who can be contacted to come over?  Or maybe a phone call that can be made.

Having a list for the companion to refer to saves time and gives the companion a direction to go.

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