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How Can You Share Special Memories With Your Loved One

There comes a time when it becomes more difficult for family to visit with aging relatives.  They tend to visit more when relatives are home vs when they are in facilities.  The question is, how can we bridge this gap and make it so you can connect more with your loved one? There are some things you can do to keep their memories alive.  Creating a Facebook page is one idea; this allows your loved ones to see posts of the family. Posting and tagging your loved one in pictures will also allow the family members to see how he/she is doing. This is especially important if the family is out of town and unable to visit often. Keeping Facebook require monitoring and making your page private. I also would not show a profile picture or background picture as their picture.  If Facebook is not available there are other options for interaction such baby monitors or security cameras. You can also video chat with your loved one when other relatives are around, although, sometimes when dementia is involved, it confuses your loved one more, so be aware of this.  Another idea is making a collage of new and old photos in your loved ones environment.  Getting the family to send photos every few weeks to fill an album is a way to update your loved one on what is going on in everyone’s lives.  This will help to decrease isolation and help make them feel more connected in their families lives.

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