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Home Care Services in Webster Groves, MO Help Seniors with Low Vision

home care services webster groves moMany seniors face vision loss, referred to as a low vision. This condition is specifically defined as partial vision loss that does not respond to corrective measures such as lenses, glasses, surgery or other methods. Seniors facing low vision will experience severe reduction in visual acuity and ability to detect contrast. They may also experience obstructions in the visual field which can result in difficulty recognizing people or things with which they are very familiar, difficulty reading and even difficulty identifying potentially hazardous objects such as furniture, steps, walls, curbs and other objects that may pose a fall risk.

Some seniors will retain some ability to use their vision, while others will become functionally blind. Home care services can help seniors facing low vision learn to maximize the vision ability that remains and learn techniques to compensate for the lost vision. This will help this senior live safely and continue to enjoy an active and productive lifestyle.

It can be an emotionally difficult situation when a senior learns that he has low vision and will continue to have difficulty seeing for the rest of his life. Loss of sight is often grieved and a senior may experience a variety of emotional and psychological stresses as a response. In home health care services can help your aging loved one accept the loss of his sight, and understands that while this will make a major difference in his life, it does not have to mean that he can no longer enjoy his relationships, activities and pastimes. Coping with low vision can be seen as a form of rehabilitation through which a home care services companion in cooperation with other senior care specialists will guide your aging loved one through learning to navigate life relying on his other senses more than his vision. This can include learning the paths through his home by feel and implementing a variety of technological devices within the home that give auditory signals rather than visual cues such as audiobooks, talking thermometers and telephones with raised numbers.

If your aging loved one has recently been diagnosed with low vision, do not hesitate to bring up the topic of home care services. Encourage your loved one to recognize the benefits of having an in home care provider available so that he can begin adapting to his new life faster.

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