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Home Care Services in St. Louis MO

Home Care Services in St. Louis MO

caregivers st. louis moIf you are between the age of 40 and 59, you might belong to what’s called the sandwich generation. It means you are caught in the middle between supporting your own children while also caring for your elderly parent (or parents). There are millions of Americans just like you, caught in this situation of personal and financial pressure. Other demands such as marriage, career and your parents living far away add even more stress and guilt. What can you do?

As the baby boomers are reaching their elderly years, the availability of home care services has risen to meet the demand. In home health care services are also available for meeting their medical needs. These services also help meet the needs of the family caregivers who might be currently caring for their elderly parents. A family caregiver needs respite time, time off from caregiving for personal care and for taking care of other responsibilities.

A great number of adults are choosing to age at home. The risks of doing so without help are forgetting to take their medication on time, letting personal care drop because they can’t keep up to it and not being physically or mentally able to handle an emergency.

The advantages of aging at home are being in the comforting and familiar surroundings of home, being close to friends and neighbors who care, staying in a familiar community, having the support of church contacts or other social organizations.

It may not be an option for a family member to come in daily to the senior’s home to help out. This may be because there aren’t family members living close by, or they are already tied up with family and jobs.

Benefits provided by home care services:

  • An in-home care provider can help the elderly adult stay active in both mental and physical capacities.
  • Depending on the needs of the individual, the daily caregiver could be an aide who helps with non-medical tasks of daily living or a home health nurse to look after their medical needs.
  • The right level of care provides comfort to the elderly family member who needs it and peace of mind to the family so they don’t have to worry about their beloved mom, dad, and grandparent.
  • Even if the elderly loved one is receiving caregiving by a family member, in-home care can provide a necessary respite. The caregiver and her family can go on summer vacation knowing their loved one has excellent care. The caregiver can have weekends off to spend quality time with her family. The caregiver can have a weekly respite by using paid caregiving 3 times a week. All of these are made possible by the quality, trained caregivers available today.

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