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Home Care Services in Kirkwood MO – Being Open to Feedback from a Home Care Companion

Home Care Services Kirkwood MOIf you have been providing senior care for an aging loved one and have recently made the decision to hire home care services to supplement the care that you provide, it is normal to feel a touch defensive. After all, you have been dedicating your time, energy, and effort to making sure that your aging loved one is as safe, healthy, and happy as possible. You may be reluctant to allow another person, particularly a complete stranger, to come into the home and begin doing things her way. You may be tempted to give extensive and exhaustive instructions to the new home care services companion, insisting that she provide care and assistance to your aging loved one in the exact same way that you have. While this will achieve a level of control for you, it could be detrimental to your aging loved one. It is important to remember that home care companions have been providing home care for aging adults throughout their career, and with each new client they learn more about the responsibilities and their own techniques. This means that they bring perspective, experience, and unbiased opinions to the care relationship with your aging loved one. Being open to the feedback and opinions of a care companion can allow you to ensure your aging loved one receives the very best care and assistance possible.

Some of the ways that being open to feedback from a home care services can be helpful include:
• The care companion may notice safety hazards throughout the home. Accepting this feedback will allow you to make useful modifications that will ensure both the safety of your aging loved one and of the care provider.

• The care companion may notice dietary issues for your aging loved one. This may be that your loved one is not eating enough, is having difficulty eating, or is only eating particular types. This could be an indication of an emerging or worsening condition. Knowing this information will allow you to bring it to the attention of your loved one’s physician.

• The care companion may notice behavioral changes in your loved one that could be early indications of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. The earlier the detection of these issues, the more likely that they will be able to be treated and managed effectively.

• The care companion can keep track of medication and treatment compliance, and give you recommendations as to how you can improve this compliance for the benefit of your aging loved one.

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