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Home Care Service Providers in Hazelwood MO: Combating Those Annoying Allergies

Home Care Services Hazelwood MODo you suffer from annoying allergies? Even with the use of antihistamines, some people just cannot get rid of all the runny nose and itch symptoms. As an in home care provider, you need to be able to feel good and function well. Keeping up your health and energy levels are important so you can continue to care for your elderly loved one.

What can you do to alleviate allergy symptoms?

Seasonal allergies are so annoying. The itchiness is aggravating; the runny nose is annoying and inconvenient. They all work together to zap you of energy. So what can you do? Over the counter allergy medications don’t always get rid of the symptoms. They may take the edge off, but how can you function when you can’t stop scratching your eyes or blowing your nose?

Here are some tips that may help:

  1. Use a saline solution to irrigate your nose and sinuses. It can wash away some of the pollen and irritated cells. Asthma patients should check with their doctor before trying this remedy.
  2. Shower off frequently. If you have spent the day outside in pollen season, shower before you go to bed to remove any residue so it doesn’t irritate you all night long. Change your pillow case often as well, so that pollen from your hair doesn’t land on your pillow case and irritate your nose and eyes.
  3. When possible, keep house windows closed during pollen season and use an air purifier with a high efficiency air filter instead. Put on a pair of sunglasses on a windy day to shield your eyes from blowing pollen.
  4. Drinking peppermint tea provides relief for clogged-up sinuses. The essential oil in peppermint is also a mild decongestant and has antibacterial properties. Both are very beneficial for the allergy sufferer.
  5. If possible, change your flooring from carpets to bare floors so that dust mites, pollen and other allergens can’t collect.
  6. Dehumidify your air. Dust mites love humidity, and they reproduce like crazy in a humid environment. An air conditioner works equally well. When taking showers, always use the exhaust fan to keep humidity in the bathroom and home down.
  7. Wasabi, that hot Japanese horseradish, contains allyl isothiocyanate which promotes mucus flow. This will help you to clear out your nose and sinuses. You can take your wasabi any way you please – add it into your sandwich, eat ¼ teaspoon or eat with your favorite sushi.

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