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Home Care in Webster Groves MO: Fun Activities to Celebrate Spring

Home Care Webster Groves MO

After being cooped up in the house all winter long, your elderly loved one needs to get outside for some fresh air. In the few weeks leading up to planting season, starting a few seeds indoors is a lot of fun. They can choose some herbs or other favorite veggies and do a little indoor planting. You don’t need a very big pot or much soil at all to start a few seeds.

Your senior will enjoy watching the pot and discovering when the seed germinates and sprouts up out of the soil, a little seedling. She (or he) can take care of this little plant until it warms up enough outside to transplant. You can also plant some in indoor pots to keep inside and put on the table in front of a sunny window. Clipping fresh herbs from the plant to use in cooking is both fun and healthy.

Some other activities you may not have thought of include:

  • Painting – it’s never too late to pick up a paintbrush for the first time. Going out to observe nature can be very relaxing in itself. If it’s too chilly to stay outside to paint, go on a walk with your loved one and take a camera along. Capture spring in action on your camera to be painted later. Your loved one doesn’t have to become a Picasso or a Rembrandt to create something unique and beautiful.
  • Kite flying and kite watching – you’ll need a breezy day for this, but your elder could have a lot of fun doing this with you or watching the children flying kites. Make sure to bring your senior a camp chair and warm jacket if they will be sitting to watch.
  • Hitting the driving range for a little golf practice could be very enjoyable for the senior who used to golf or would love to try.
  • Spring craft activities are always popular. There are hundreds of ideas online for what to make and instructions are usually free. To combine the spring planting idea and the painting idea, your senior could paint some terra cotta pots for the plants. Acrylic paints work well; once dried they are waterproof. To be sure you can always spray the outside of the pot with a sealant.
  • Start walking outdoors again after having to exercise indoors all winter. A nice spring walk is invigorating and refreshing.

Do you feel like you need a break so you can enjoy some time to yourself as well? In-home care service can give you the break you need. An experienced caregiver can come in to your loved one’s home several times per week to give you some time off. It’s important to take good care of yourself both mentally and physically!

For more information about home care services in Webster Groves MO,  contact Senior Services Unlimited. We are an elder care agency providing affordable and respectful home care to couples, veterans, and the disabled. Call (314) 646-8131.

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