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Home Care For Wildwood MO: When a Loved One is Recovering from Pneumonia!

Home Care For Wildwood MO: When a Loved One is Recovering from Pneumonia!

Pneumonia is a respiratory condition resulting in inflammation and infection in the lungs caused by bacteria, a virus, or fungi.  In order to reduce hospital readmission rates, and ensure that your loved one recovers as quickly as possible, it is critical that they have the proper home care.Home Care Wildwood MO

According to the CDC, there are more deaths as a result of pneumonia complications each year than from car accidents.  A person diagnosed with pneumonia has a higher risk of getting it again.  Having a caregiver to assist with the recovery and monitor signs and symptoms is critical to helping a pneumonia patient recover, and reduce hospital readmission rates.

Your loved one is going to be weak and need help with day-to-day activities until they recover, and regain their strength.  Key pneumonia care at home involves the following:

  • Educate yourself on medication management

It is important for you, and your loved one to know the type of medicine required and how it helps with recovery.  Administer medication at the proper times, and in the proper dosages.  Follow the directions for proper storage of the medication.

  • Disease education

Pneumonia causes a person to become weak and debilitated.

Proper diet, rest, and medication are key to managing this disease properly.

  • Recognizing signs and symptoms

Sign and symptom management are key for reducing hospital readmission rates. Take the appropriate steps to treat issues before they become serious and require your loved one to be re-hospitalized.

  • Reduce the risk of falls

Patients with pneumonia will experience muscle weakness and complain of headaches.  Shortness of breath can cause your loved one to become lightheaded due to lack of oxygen to the brain.  To reduce the risk of falling, know your loved one’s limitations and focus on increasing stamina and strength.

  • Personal care

Due to fatigue, your loved one may need help bathing, dressing, and grooming. As they start to regain strength, you can reduce the amount of help that you provide.

  • Meal preparation

Patients with pneumonia need to eat a healthy diet, but are often too tired and weak to prepare meals.

  • Exercise

Discuss what home exercises your loved one can perform to help regain their strength and balance.

Following these guidelines to providing pneumonia care at home will increase the chances for a completely and full recovery for your loved one without having to be readmitted.

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