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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Do these statements sound familiar? 

.My loved one is asleep, but now I can’t sleep. 

.My doctor has put me on several medications to get to sleep. 

.My blood pressure is elevated due to lack of sleep. 

….My lack of sleep has caused me to be short tempered.  

If these statements sound familiar, it may be time to hire an overnight caregiver. Getting a good night’s rest will allow you to be there for your loved one during the day. This will also allow you to stay healthy, so you can continue to care for them. 

However, if you are not able to get a caregiver at night here are certain things that may help: 

Check with your doctor to see if you have any health problems. For example, you could have issues that can create anxiety and sleep problems. Some people going gluten-free can make a big difference and sleep, anxiety and joint pain. 

Try exercise; this is a great stress release! It releases endorphins, reduces feelings of discomfort and promotes feelings of happiness – not to mention it tires you out! 

Speak with a therapist or a psychologist, or sometimes, you just need to speak with a friend to help clear your head. 

Try lavender oil or a Himalayan salt lamp. 

There is a natural enzyme supplement called Sleep Tonight which helps lower cortisone levels.  

Try taking lemon juice and a spoonful of honey before bed. 

These again are just some examples of what could help you get a good night’ sleep. 

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