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Four Keys to Better Aging: Senior Care in St Louis MO

Four Keys to Better Aging
Election a chance for discussion about, and new approaches to, care and support for seniors

Source: thespec.com By Tish Butson , and Myrtle Greve

The provincial election in October provides

an opportunity to focus on how we can achieve the goal of improved care and support for older persons in the place most appropriate to their choice and situation.

What do seniors expect from the health system? Many seniors and their families are frustrated hearing that the government is funding improved home care but seeing little change. They are blamed for staying in hospital too long, using too much service, and yet in many instances have done as much as they can on their own to stay at home. This fall’s election can be a catalyst for a revitalized approach to health care planning for older persons.

There are four key areas we believe should be considered:

The right care at the right time in the right place:

Canadian and international studies show clearly that home and community care for older adults and their caregivers help frail elderly people maintain their health and independence, thus reducing hospitalization and cost over time. Yet many home care services, such as help with personal care, are “capped”. This impedes the capacity of home care to maintain people’s independence and level of wellness.

Caps on community care services must be lifted so people can be assured of basic home support for those in need. Otherwise the stressors on hospital beds and long term care beds will continue to increase.

System integration:

We strongly advise that our health care system for older persons needs to be viewed as a whole. There has been collaboration among hospitals, long term care and community services under the direction of the LHIN but more needs to be accomplished. Our reading of the literature leads us to believe that the most is gained when family physicians and primary care are a key part of this integration.

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