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Elderly Care Kirkwood MO – Assisting Your Parents

elder care wildwood moJust as your parents once took care of you and watched over you, the time will come when your parents reach the age where it will be your turn to take care of them and watch over them. This age will vary greatly from one set of parents to another, of course. Usually somewhere between the age of 65 to 85 there will be signs that they need some help. Unless serious health problems are present, this process may be generally slow.

Talking about care

It can be hard to tell at which point in their life they cannot live independently any longer. You will have to look for warning signs and have a plan in place so that you know what to do when the situation does arise. Have you talked to your parents about their wishes and how they would like things to be handled regarding their care?

If your parents have a desire to stay at home as they age, they will need some help and assistance at some point in time. Have you thought about whether or not you will be able to provide full time care for them? This may be your desire, but is it feasible? Do you have a family still that needs you to take care of them? How about a job that you need to keep? Maybe you would be able to provide care on a part-time basis.

This is where elder care services come in. They can help you cover the days and/or the nights you can’t be with your parents to look after them. Expert caregivers are trained in knowing just what to do and give your parents help, companionship and comfort.

Signs your parents need help

One of the first things you may notice would be a decrease in their energy level and some cognitive or memory decline. Another sign would be that tasks which were always taken care of before are now being neglected. For example, the mail isn’t opened promptly and bills aren’t being paid on time.

Maybe the state of the house is slipping. They no longer have the energy to take care of the flower beds in the front. The dishes are being left on the counters and the floors aren’t as clean as usual.

Keep an eye on their mental health as well. If you have a parent living alone, is she feeling lonely or depressed? Is she taking care of herself as usual – fixing healthy meals and keeping up on her personal hygiene?

Be your parents’ best advocate. If they need help, get them the help they need. If they need some company or some transportation, having it will make all the difference in their mental well-being.

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