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Elderly Care Hazelwood, MO – Summer Fun for Senior Adults and Caregivers

Elderly Care Hazelwood MO

During the very hot days of summer, you will need a list of fun and enjoyable things to do inside where it’s cool. Seniors especially, are more prone to getting heat-related health problems than other age groups.

There has to be a way to stay active and engaged while remaining indoors to keep cool. The following list will give you some ideas of things to do. Add some of your own ideas to the following list and post it somewhere so you always have a back-up plan no matter what the weather is.

  1. Try out some audio books from your local public library. Regular print books are also a good option; for the senior with vision challenges there are often some large print books available. Another option is an eReader that can increase the print size of an ebook.
  2. Take an afternoon or two to organize pictures, family memories, and scrapbooks and so on. Make a memory book or album.
  3. Tape your loved one’s favorite music, whether it be on albums or cassettes, and burn it to a CD or buy the electronic versions and load them onto a portable digital music device like an MP3 player.
  4. Plan an outing to a place or event that has air conditioning available, like a museum, mall, cultural event, etc.
  5. Go to a movie on a hot afternoon. Prices are usually lower and the air conditioning is just perfect for cooling down.
  6. Learn something new together. Find a place locally where classes are offered. It could be craft classes, cooking, learning a new language, yoga, art, etc. Make sure the venue has air conditioning.
  7. For very reasonable prices there are senior centers in almost every community where you loved one can take classes such as computers for seniors, dance, art and so much more.
  8. Ask your loved one to teach you a skill they know how to do, like needlework or wood carving. Or ask her to share old family recipes with you. You could enter them onto the computer and share copies with family members.
  9. Go to a swimming pool or water aerobics class.
  10. Get a gym membership and go for a workout.
  11. Go mall walking or window shopping
  12. Stay cool by using no-cook meals and eating a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to drinking plenty of water. Flavor water with a slice or two of citrus and a mint leaf.

An elder care provider can assist your loved one in maintaining a routine for healthy activities and encouraging daily exercise. They can also provide transportation to the senior center, gym or pool as well as accompany your senior adult to the activity.

For more information about elderly care in Hazelwood MO, contact Senior Services Unlimited. We are an elder care agency providing affordable and respectful home care to couples, veterans, and the disabled. call (314) 646-8131.



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