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Elder Care Wildwood MO: How Technology is Changing Elder Care

Elder Care Wildwood MO: How Technology is Changing Elder Care

Elder Care Wildwood MOBy the time Allison had a stroke at 83, she was still living on her own and quite active within her community. However, she understood the increasing likelihood of suffering a serious medical emergency. With foresight and some help from her children, Allison made sure that all of her medical records were converted to electronic documents that could be shared easily between doctors within her network.

This meant that when she had her stroke, the doctors in the emergency room had immediate access to her medical history and were able to treat her more effectively than if they had to wait on paperwork. As she slowly recovered and worked with physical therapy to regain the use of the left part of her body to some extent, she was still able to live independently at home, relying on new technology that kept her doctors updated daily on her blood pressure and other vital statistics so that they could ensure that her recovery was on track without needing to see her every day.

Technology is continuing to evolve within the realm of elder care. For patients who are in relatively good health to those who have suffered heart attacks, strokes, other serious ailments, being able to monitor the regular vital statistics and connect that information to a medical network, it assists elderly home care providers have the most updated and important information to help keep them safe and healthy.

Computers, tablets, and other devices are being used to wirelessly transfer information and vital statistics to the network. Allison’s home was fitted with a number of technological gadgets on her bed, on her wrist, and even in her kitchen to help track behavior sleep patterns, diet, vital stats, and also to be able to send out an emergency signal if something was wrong with her health.

The process of converting medical records to digital formats can be time-consuming, but it allows doctors to have access to the most important vital information possible for their patients.

As technological innovations continue to evolve, the process and opportunities to improve elder care will continue to improve as well, allowing more elderly patients to remain in the comfort of their home, rather than being relegated to nursing homes or other facilities.

The technology that improves includes vital measurement devices as well as the communicative tools that connect patients to the elderly home care providers that are essential to their well-being and, sometimes more importantly, their independence. What technology brings tomorrow will likely only continue to improve the level of care and opportunities for millions of elder patients well into the future.

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