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We are grateful for the relationship we have enjoyed over the last year. You and the caregivers help make Roseanne’s final months. The best possible — in her apartment where she so wanted to be. It is no accident that she lived so much longer. Loving care can do that.

Marilyn – St. Louis

I would like to thank all of you so much for the wonderful services you provided to my Aunt Lorraine. I so appreciated the time you took to find a great match of caregivers.

Gladys – Minnesota

Myself and my family wish to thank all of you for everything you for my husband. You sent two wonderful helpers our way.

Joyce – St. Louis

Dear Senior Services,

Just a note to thank you for sending us Elizabeth & Rosemary to take care of our mom. I know they did things for her that were above and beyond what they had to. I am sure they had many sleepless nights watching over her. My mom was a very sweet and kind person and would od anything for anyone, and I am so glad she had two ladies that did the same for her. Thank you. The Gaynor Family.

To The Staff,

I just wanted to extend a warm thank you for the years of service provided for my mom and step-dad. You and your staff did a great job providing coverage. Thank you so much.

Always, Debra F.