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Elder Care St. Louis MO: Technology to Stay Connected

In today’s world, it is very common for families to be spread all over the country and even the world. It is also common for families to live an hour or more away from their elderly loved ones, and in many cases long distance caregivers can live several time zones away from their elderly relatives. Fortunately, even if family members are not able to actually provide elderly home care, they can still keep in touch with their loved ones as often as they want and for free.

Skype and Facebook

One of the easiest and most “real” ways for caregivers to stay in touch with their elderly loved ones is through the computer. Skype can be used by anyone who has a computer and a web camera. Families who live close to their elderly relatives can help them use Skype – especially if their elderly loved ones are not comfortable using computers. Facebook is another excellent way for families to stay in touch.

Online Meeting Apps

Many rely on regular family meetings to take care of senior care situations. It does not matter how far families live from each other, because there are online meeting sites that allow family members to communicate in one location from anywhere in the world. There are also options like Facebook groups that allow family members to communicate privately. There are also numerous free online chat sites that allow users to set up private rooms, so they can discuss important family matters without being interrupted by strangers.

Enjoying Snail Mail

Another fun way for families to stay in touch is through snail mail (USPS). Many of today’s children, or even adults do not write letters. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving letters in the mail? Elderly adults are accustomed to sending letters and families can spend time together writing a long group letter to their elderly loved ones.

Modern Texts and Emails

Texts and emails are other great ways for families to stay in touch with elderly loved ones and those who are providing home care. Research shows that almost 100 percent of text messages are read; so if you want to get someone’s attention, a text message really is the way to do it. Grandmothers and grandfathers are even getting in on the texting trend, so cellphone manufacturers are creating phones that are designed for seniors and their unique needs.

It does not matter how families stay in touch, what matters is that they do it. Whether they use modern technology or classic handwritten letters, keeping in touch shows your family members that you care.

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