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Elder Care near Fenton, MO – Happy and Healthy Elder Years

Elder Care near Fenton, MO – Happy and Healthy Elder Years

“A Daughter’s Recommendations for Caregiving near Fenton, MO”

As a child it was your mom who took you to see the doctor when you were ill. Now the tables have turned and you are the one driving her to her doctor appointments. You are likely doing much more than that. It can be both challenging and intimidating to be responsible for our parent’s care, and all their caregiving needs. There will be changes in health as they age of course, but you are in a perfect position to advocate for their care.Elder Care Fenton MO

Here are 6 recommendations you can use to deepen your understanding of how you can help your parents as they age:

  1. Keep close tabs of sudden changes; these usually arise because a problem has occurred. Was your elderly father fine last week but he’s confused this week? Was your mother walking fine last week but is stumbling constantly this week? Pay attention to what “normal” is for your parent so that when something seems out of place, you can describe it to his or her doctor.
  2. Investigate the source of the problem. Sometimes it will provide an easy remedy; other times it will verify that there is something serious that needs to be looked after. Don’t be too quick to jump to the Alzheimer’s conclusion. Sometimes it’s a much simpler case than that. Take Alice for example. She had stopped speaking and the family assumed it was dementia. After a careful physical exam, her doctor removed huge plugs of wax from her ears. This was the cause of her speech decline, she couldn’t hear! Make sure all possibilities are investigated.
  3. Be aware of all the medications your parents are taking. Know their medicine cabinet as well as their medication schedule. Find out what all the possible side effects are. After all, if some strange symptom pops up it might be a side effect of a medication and not a serious problem. You will want to be able to make their doctor aware of all the medications especially if your loved one sees more than one specialist. A good way of keeping all the information in one place is to have them use the same pharmacy all the time to fill their prescriptions.
  4. Don’t fall for the ageist comments such as “what do you expect? You’re not getting younger.” Not every illness can be chalked up to older age. There are many other factors as well.
  5. The emotions are just as important as the symptoms to remedy. People of all ages need to have a social life, to get out and have fun with other people, to have as much quality of life as possible.
  6. Maximize the quality of life for your parent to the greatest extent that you can. Elderly home care can assist you with this. When your parent is able to stay at home and age comfortably in their familiar surroundings, they enjoy much more happiness and health than they do living in a care facility.

For more information about elder care in Fenton MO, contact Senior Services Unlimited. We are an elder care agency providing affordable and respectful home care to couples, veterans, and the disabled. call (314) 646-8131.