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Elder Care Kirkwood MO: Care for Sensitive Skin

Elder Care Kirkwood MOSkin sensitivity can pose a multitude of problems regardless of your age. Aging adults, however, tend to experience increased skin sensitivity that can easily be irritated by elder health care services. If you are an elderly care provider for an aging loved one, it is important that you are aware of the potential for

skin sensitivity and can address it promptly in order to ensure your loved one remains comfortable and healthy. Skin sensitivity is not just about developing an itchy rash if a senior comes in contact with an allergen. A senior with sensitive skin can experience serious rashes that can result in severe scratching. This scratching can break the skin and introduce germs and bacteria into the senior, leading to infection, pain and illness. Developing an elder care plan based around your loved one’s skin sensitivity is an important step in keeping him healthy and comfortable.

Here are some tips for providing elder care for seniors with sensitive skin:

• Make sure that your loved one is using only skincare products that are designed for sensitive skin.

• Eliminate soaps, body washes, lotions or moisturizers that contain artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals.
• Reduce or eliminate exfoliating products such as facial scrubs or body washes.

• Use the same laundry detergent and softener consistently. If your loved one is still showing signs of irritation, switch to a dye and fragrance free option.

• Lower the heat in your loved one’s shower or bath. Prolonged exposure to hot water can seriously irritate skin. Instead, allow your loved one to enjoy a briefer, warm bath or shower. You may also want to consider printing your loved ones skin in cool, not cold, water after bathing.

• If your loved one’s skin sensitivity resembles diaper rash, this can become an extremely painful and embarrassing situation. Provide a healing skin cream or balm that will create a protective barrier on the skin and allow it to heal.

• Use pure cornstarch baby powder to keep your loved one’s skin cool and prevent friction. This is especially helpful during the hot weather or if your loved one is overweight. The baby powder will help absorb sweat and keep the senior’s skin from rubbing against each other, causing pain and tearing.

• Address any allergic reactions by first contacting the physician to ensure that this may not be a side effect to a new medication or medical condition. If it is confirmed that this is a topical allergic reaction, hydrocortisone cream can take the itch away.

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