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Dementia Program

Many family members often complain that they cannot get their loved ones to cooperate. You have tried to get your mom to take a shower and she refuses. She states, “I have already had one,” so you worry about her getting a urinary tract infection. You’ve also tried to get her to change her clothes that she has had on a week and she refuses. She states, “My clothes are not dirty,” so you worry about skin breakdown. Worry no longer our new program Blossom with Love has been successful with the most difficult client’s.
Our dementia care specialist will work with each client to search for solutions to their problems. They encourage involvement with their care in daily life. They will help the client remain as independent as possible. They do this by inquiring about the clients past routines. Next, developing a daily schedule specific to them. Furthermore planning activities of daily living when they are at their very best. They will allow as much time as needed to ensure proper care without the frustration. We also work with painting and drawing. The Alzheimer’s association states that this improves communication social skills, motor coordination and manual dexterity. It also improves mental alertness through problem-solving, vision memory, concentration and imagination.