Prepare for Winter

With the winter months and colder weather approaching, it may be a good time to see what you can do to either help yourself or a loved one prepare their home for these months.  We have come up with some tips that you can do now and will help put your mind at ease and […]

Helicopter Children

Helicopter Children  We all have heard the term “helicopter parents” – overprotective, over-perfecting, over-controlling parents who hover over their children’s constant needs, but do you know there is a new term called “helicopter children?”  Due to our aging parental population and the rising cost of healthcare, adult children have become overprotective caregivers who are trying to control their aging parents.  The […]

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Do these statements sound familiar?  ….My loved one is asleep, but now I can’t sleep.  ….My doctor has put me on several medications to get to sleep.  ….My blood pressure is elevated due to lack of sleep.  ….My lack of sleep has caused me to be short tempered.   If these statements sound familiar, it may be time to hire […]

Weakness or Feebleness is not in our vocabulary

Weakness or Feebleness is not in our vocabulary Weakness occurs when we are inactive in our lifestyle. This is a term that suggest that fragility, vulnerability, slowness, disability, poor health and feebleness. If we remain inactive these things can lead to… ·       Fluid retention and Increased blood pressure ·       Stiff joints and the inability to ambulate or […]

Bucket List and Rainbows

My friend inspired me to make a bucket list before the rainbows are missed. “The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won’t wait while you finish the work.” Patricia Clifford   I should ask you are you missing too many rainbows? Do you feel like life is passing […]

Managing Care when your client is put on Hospice

Managing Care when your client is put on Hospice When a loved one develops a change in condition that is life threatening it is important to talk about a plan of care. This is not always an easy conversation with the family. We understand that is great to plan for quality care when their loved […]

Why is Transitional Care so Important?

Why is Transitional Care so Important?   This is particularly important when patients are sent home too early from the hospital or rehab facility. Facilities are often times guided by insurance companies and judged by what the patient can do on a daily basis in rehab.  If the patient is not making progress in rehab, […]