When to Consider In Home Care

Senior Care St. Louis MO

WHEN SHOULD YOU CONSIDER IN HOME CARE FOR YOUR LOVED ONE? The last time you visited your parents did you find the house with an odor or in disarray? Was the refrigerator empty? Were you concerned that they still had pills in the pillbox? Do they look as if they could use some assistance getting […]

Home Care Services Webster Groves MO – August 3rd is Watermelon Day

July was National Watermelon Month and now August 3rd is Watermelon Day! Do you think Americans like their watermelon? It’s a healthy food, so maybe we should like it even more! Did you know that in 2005 Lloyd Bright of Arkansas set the world record for his heaviest watermelon ever – it weighed almost 270 […]

Elder Care St. Louis MO: Annual Elderly Care Check-ups

Preventative care should be the primary focus of your elderly care efforts. As an elder care provider it is your responsibility to make sure that your aging loved one is as healthy and happy as possible, which relies not just on reacting to issues that arise, but being proactive and making sure that your aging […]

Senior Care in Wildwood MO Made Safer with Chair Lifts

A critical aspect of senior care is ensuring that each senior’s needs are met effectively in order to ensure ongoing safety and well-being. Mobility issues are extremely common in aging adults, sometimes making it difficult to maneuver through everyday tasks safely. One task that is often particularly difficult and dangerous for seniors is going up […]

Thriving But Not Driving- How Home Care Can Keep Seniors Mobile, But Safe

Just because their eyesight or other physical limitations has made it so that they can’t drive anymore, doesn’t mean that seniors don’t want to get out and about. Seniors are living happier, more energetic, and healthier lives now than ever before, but a lack of mobility can seriously impact their ability to participate in the […]

Home Care in Clayton MO Helps Seniors Remember to Take Their Medications

Do you have an aging loved one that could benefit from home care in Clayton, MO? As people grow older, their bodies start to develop complications. For the majority of these complications, there is a medication that will either fix the problems or at least alleviate the symptoms. If you look in the medicine cabinet […]