Information to Go Over with Home Care Services in Hazelwood MO

Home Care Services Hazelwood MO

When you have finally found the perfect home care companion for your family member, there is some information, which you will need to go over.  It’s important that the caregiver knows things like whether or not your loved one needs help with meal preparation or with running errands.  Here are some basics for you to […]

Home Care Services in Hazelwood MO are Helping Seniors Cope with Parkinson’s Disease

Next to Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease is the most common neurodegenerative disorder. This disease results from the dopamine generating cells in the patient’s brain undergoing a massive cell death. While the cause of this cell death is not known, it is obvious that these particular cells are rapidly and dramatically reduced. Over the course of […]

Home Care Services in Webster Groves, MO Help Seniors with Low Vision

Many seniors face vision loss, referred to as a low vision. This condition is specifically defined as partial vision loss that does not respond to corrective measures such as lenses, glasses, surgery or other methods. Seniors facing low vision will experience severe reduction in visual acuity and ability to detect contrast. They may also experience […]