The dangers of Seniors with Dementia moving out of their homes.

Seniors with Dementia moving out of their homes St. Louis

The dangers of Seniors with Dementia moving out of their homes. Seniors with dementia often have a routine and do better with consistency. Often times they almost become OCD. We had one client that would get very agitated when someone moved something around or off his table. This was his place he sat at every […]

Reducing Joint Pain

Reducing joint pain is a possibility. I started having joint pain about six months ago. As a charge nurse working on the floor for 20 years, my knees were taking a lot of wear and tear. I started taking a natural remedy that is found in eggs. They first started this vitamin on animals. It […]

Elderly Care in Crestwood MO: – Plowing Through the Problems

Elderly Care Crestwood MO

Baby boomers have been watching the years zoom past, and now one of their paramount concerns is realizing the many problems that can come up in caring for their aging parents. There must be many questions running through your mind right now, questions like: How do you decide when it’s not safe anymore for your […]

Elderly Care Webster Groves MO – Anemia Linked to Dementia?

An elderly care provider is someone who will be looking after one of the most beloved members of your family. It’s very important that your elderly parent eats good food on a daily basis not only to keep up her strength but also to fight off illness and infection. Elder care providers can fix light […]

Summertime Fun: Elder Care at a BBQ in Webster Groves MO

Cookouts, barbecues and outdoor parties – they are all part of summer fun, enjoyed by people of all ages. If you have been dreading these outings because you are a caregiver, don’t fear. There are ways for you and your aging loved one to have a great time! You just need to plan ahead a […]

Important Factors to consider when Providing Elderly Care Services in Webster Groves MO

Providing elderly care services is one of the most basic requirements of any individual living with an elderly senior. This is because as time progresses, seniors’ needs become more crucial and they require more attention. This is evident especially with people living with their elderly parents. As days progress, they tend to require more attention […]