Gift Giving with the Elderly

Senior Care St. Louis - Gift Giving with the Elderly

The holiday season is upon us and with that comes gift giving.  It may have been easier to find a gift for your loved one before they were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but now you have a tougher time.  You still think of things that they would appreciate before; a new tie, power tools, and tickets to the […]

Preventing Winter Mishaps for Seniors

Preventing Winter Mishaps for Seniors. Most seniors are familiar within their environment. However, when something changes like cold weather, snow or ice, and family outings we must plan.  A great start is good nutrition, eating meals that cause less inflammation in the body.  Arthritis, stiff joints become worse in winter months supplementing with fish oil […]

Elder Care near Fenton, MO – Happy and Healthy Elder Years

Elder Care Fenton MO

“A Daughter’s Recommendations for Caregiving near Fenton, MO” As a child it was your mom who took you to see the doctor when you were ill. Now the tables have turned and you are the one driving her to her doctor appointments. You are likely doing much more than that. It can be both challenging […]

Elder Care Fenton MO: Obesity and Weight Management

Elderly Care Town & Country MO

There are many causes for concern when providing elder care for someone who is obese.  Health complications and the risk of being affected by various diseases are more likely to arise for elderly people who are obese.  It is important to create awareness to the health risks at stake for a person who is obese […]