Helicopter Children

Helicopter Children  We all have heard the term “helicopter parents” – overprotective, over-perfecting, over-controlling parents who hover over their children’s constant needs, but do you know there is a new term called “helicopter children?”  Due to our aging parental population and the rising cost of healthcare, adult children have become overprotective caregivers who are trying to control their aging parents.  The […]

We Have Live-In Caregivers !

Did you know you have other options other than facility care when your loved one needs more help.  Most people think its inevitable that they will have to move mom or dad to a nursing home.  Live in care is one of your other options, and it is a not a new concept, in fact, […]

Caregivers Florissant MO: National Sleep Awareness Week March 3-9

Caregivers Florissant MO

An annual campaign to promote good sleep to the public takes place during the first week of March.  Its goal is to raise awareness and provide education to the general public on the importance of sleeping. A topic of interest to home care providers of elderly persons is the sleep health and safety category.  The […]