The dangers of Seniors with Dementia moving out of their homes.

Seniors with Dementia moving out of their homes St. Louis

The dangers of Seniors with Dementia moving out of their homes. Seniors with dementia often have a routine and do better with consistency. Often times they almost become OCD. We had one client that would get very agitated when someone moved something around or off his table. This was his place he sat at every […]

Gift Giving with the Elderly

Senior Care St. Louis - Gift Giving with the Elderly

The holiday season is upon us and with that comes gift giving.  It may have been easier to find a gift for your loved one before they were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but now you have a tougher time.  You still think of things that they would appreciate before; a new tie, power tools, and tickets to the […]

Preventing Winter Mishaps for Seniors

Preventing Winter Mishaps for Seniors. Most seniors are familiar within their environment. However, when something changes like cold weather, snow or ice, and family outings we must plan.  A great start is good nutrition, eating meals that cause less inflammation in the body.  Arthritis, stiff joints become worse in winter months supplementing with fish oil […]

How Can You Share Special Memories With Your Loved One

There comes a time when it becomes more difficult for family to visit with aging relatives.  They tend to visit more when relatives are home vs when they are in facilities.  The question is, how can we bridge this gap and make it so you can connect more with your loved one? There are some things you […]

We Have Live-In Caregivers !

Did you know you have other options other than facility care when your loved one needs more help.  Most people think its inevitable that they will have to move mom or dad to a nursing home.  Live in care is one of your other options, and it is a not a new concept, in fact, […]

Dealing with an Unruly Family: Caregiver Stories in Affton MO

Caregiver Affton MO

Sometimes it’s not easy to be a family caregiver, or a home care provider as part of your job, or dealing with certain family members of the elderly patient for whom you’re providing home care.  It can be enough just dealing with unruly family members that make you think it’s just not worth the effort. […]