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Benefits of Keeping Your Loved One Active This Winter-Senior Care in Brentwood MO

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Winter is a time when it becomes easy to just lock up in your home with a warm blanket and lots of food, and never leave.  It is often too dreary and cold outside to deal with all of the bad weather and many people find that it is really difficult to keep as active as they should.   Despite the bad weather, it is really important for you to make sure that your elderly loved one is staying active this winter season.  Even if you are not always able to be there for your loved one to help keep them active, senior care can help to make this possible.  Here are some benefits of making sure that your loved one stays active this winter season. 

  • Increased Mental Function

Those who are able to stay active, either physically or socially, are better able to keep their mental functions working at a high level.  There are many types of activities that they can participate in including puzzles, writing, playing cards, and even visiting with friends.  You can help out simply by making sure to visit a few times a week, so that your loved one is able to have a conversation with someone from time to time.  If you are finding that it is difficult for you to get over and see your loved one as often as you would like, senior care can help by providing a companion for your loved one.

  • Longevity

Regular activity has been shown to reduce the risk of your loved one suffering from a premature death that is caused by such diseases as diabetes, stroke, and heart attack.  In addition, if you are able to include some physical activity into the routine of your elderly loved one, they can improve their heart function and their bone density.  Senior care can help you with the physical activity by either taking your loved one to a senior center, to the gym to get a work out a few days a week, or by helping them do some exercise in their homes.

  • Feeling Better Emotionally

The winter months can make it difficult for anyone to feel happy and not feel like they want to do anything.  This can be especially true for your elderly loved one if they are stuck in their homes all day long without any company, or anything to do.  Making sure that they stay active, and have plenty of physical and social activities to do is the best way to ensure that they keep an upbeat mood all of the time and feel much better.  There are many organizations that will provide activities to keep your elderly loved one busy.  You might be interested in checking out some places such as senior centers, athletic facilities, and churches. I n addition, home care services might be able to provide you with some ideas that will get your loved one out of the home, interacting with those around them, and increasing their overall quality of life.

For more information about senior care in Brentwood MO,  contact Senior Services Unlimited. We are an elder care agency providing affordable and respectful home care to couples, veterans, and the disabled. call (314) 646-8131.

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