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Awareness in Senior Care in Fenton MO: Migraine Awareness Month

senior care fenton moOver 37 million people in the United States suffer from migraines. With migraine sufferers being such a large total of the population, it is no wonder that there are many who wish to understand it more. Yet, despite how many have migraines, there is still a wealth of misinformation and myths about migraines that persist in the greater population and thus having a migraine awareness month helps to bring the issues to the forefront of society. If you are providing care for a loved one, migraines can be especially debilitating. If you provide senior care for someone who cannot do for themselves, you must remain vigilant, aware and capable of acting, which migraines can stop you from being.

As more and more people find the truth about migraines and the myth of them being just ‘severe headaches’ disappears, help has come to those who suffer. With a community of people who likewise go through these issues, the possibility of finding new treatments, becoming a block that researchers cannot ignore and comforting one another have started to become reality. Indeed already there has been a massive shift in public perception as people have realized that these debilitating migraines can happen to anyone of any walk of life, including children. As migraine sufferers learn the signs of an oncoming migraine and take steps to prevent or prepare for it, there is only left the stigma of other people in how they view your treatment of the migraine.

When it comes to those who provide senior care, it can be difficult to explain a migraine as a reason you cannot fulfill your duty. Many who do not get migraines have a hard time understanding the severity of the issue and thus need to be educated as to what a migraine actually is. For those people, Migraine Awareness Month is essential, and it is up to you to help spread the word and make everyone in your community understand that this isn’t just a headache. Wear purple, post blogs and tweets and status updates about it, hand out flyers, participate in walks or any number of ways to promote the cause and get people asking questions about migraines. It is often that through migraine education, more people realize that they in fact get migraines as well, and are able to find help in explaining to employers, healthcare providers and schools their absenteeism. Find an event in your community today and spread the word about migraines.

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