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Autumn is around the Corner: What to Know about the Flu and Home Care near Affton, MO

Autumn is around the Corner: What to Know about the Flu and Home Care near Affton, MO

Even though we are still in the heart of summer, certain parts of the country are wondering if autumn has come early. Throughout much of the northern Plains and the Northeast of the United States, summer has been, to put it mildly, a dud. A few hot days is about all that these regions have seen. Moving through August, means that fall is just around the corner and that means it is time to consider the flu and flu vaccines for those who rely on home care.Home Care Affton MO

The more that you know about the flu, the more you can help prevent it, especially for those who are at higher risk of getting the flu or who would have a harder time fighting it off.

The flu is a virus and even though it mutates every season, actually every few months, the general strain is the same throughout the year. Flu season usually begins in late fall and goes through the entire winter season.

It is considered flu season because this is the time of year when windows are closed and people spend much more time indoors. The more time you spend indoors, the more you are exposed to germs from other people who are breathing, coughing, and just living in the same house or working in the same office building. Fresh air is the best cure to help reduce the chance of getting the flu.

For the elderly, whether they rely on home care services are not; the flu can be an extremely dangerous illness. If the elderly individual’s immune system is compromised or they are in generally poor health, then the flu could lead to other serious health impacts as well, including pneumonia.

The flu vaccine is often misunderstood. It is recommended for anyone who wants to reduce the risk of catching the flu during the winter season. It is an injection of the dead virus. When the body is exposed to a virus, it builds an immunity to that particular strain. It is not a live virus. That is what many people incorrectly believe.

For the home care provider as well as the elderly individual who rely on that level of home care, it is best to get the flu vaccine as soon as possible. The longer you wait into the fall season, the greater the risk of catching the flu. While you could get the flu any time of the year, the moment that you begin having to keep the windows closed and stay indoors due to the cold temperatures, that’s when you should consider getting the flu vaccine.

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