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4 Tips to Have Fun in the Sun Safely with Home Care Services near Olivette, MO

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Even though the sun is beginning to set earlier and earlier every day now, that doesn’t mean the summer is over. In fact, the hottest months of the year throughout most of the country happen to be July and August, with some areas experiencing incredible warmth during September as well. When an elderly individual relies on home care services, one thing that should be considered is staying safe while heading out in the sun.

The elderly individual’s body is not the same as when they were younger. Their skin won’t have the same melanin to protect it against the sun, which means that they are going to be more susceptible to sunburn and other damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

Having fun outside is not only still possible for people of any age; it’s what keeps many individuals feeling great and happy. However, if they are not safe under the glare of the sun, it can turn that fun outing into a proverbial nightmare after the fact.

Here are four tips to help your keep the elderly individual safe with their in home careprovider while outside in the sun this summer.

1. Wear light fabric, long sleeve clothing. Unless your elderly loved one is planning on entering a tanned body competition, long sleeves and pants are a good idea. Protecting the skin from the sun is priority number one, but you don’t want them to overheat, so make sure that what they wear is light colors (whites, etc.) and light fabric that will allow the soft breezes to blow through to cool the skin.

2. Wear sunscreen. As long as they are not allergic to it, they should wear sunscreen, even on their arms and legs that are covered. Depending on the fabric, if it is porous, the sun could still get through.

Check with their doctor first to make sure that they aren’t taking any medications or have other medical conditions that would make this dangerous.

3. Wear a wide brimmed hat. Hats are a great way to keep the sun off the face. The nose, ears, and eyes are especially sensitive to sun damage. Wearing a large brimmed hat will also protect the scalp. Many elderly individuals have thinning hair, so the hat will protect their scalp from getting burned.

4. Wear eye protection. As we age, our eyes become more susceptible to damage from the sunlight. Wearing wraparound sunglasses is crucial.

When you take these tips, spending time outside with home care services or family will be a fun time for all.

For more information about home care services in Olivette MO, contact Senior Services Unlimited. We are an elder care agency providing affordable and respectful home care to couples, veterans, and the disabled. Call (314) 646-8131.


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