Elder Care near Wildwood, MO – 8 Ways to Make a Senior Feel Special

Elder Care Wildwood MO

Our beloved seniors grew up in a time much different from our own in some ways. They were very independent and weren’t accustomed to asking for help. Instead, they were always the first to offer help in most circumstances. Because of this, they might even have a tough time in their senior years to ask […]

Senior Care Strategies in University City, MO: Ways to Cope with Summertime Allergies

Senior University City MO

Seasonal allergies are a result of pollen from trees, grass, and weeds. Millions of Americans are affected by summertime allergies and the elderly are not exempt. In fact, allergies in the elderly are more complicated because of other health conditions, medications, and a weaker immune system. Senior care will play an important role in helping […]