4 Tips to Have Fun in the Sun Safely with Home Care Services near Olivette, MO

Home Care Services Olivette MO

Even though the sun is beginning to set earlier and earlier every day now, that doesn’t mean the summer is over. In fact, the hottest months of the year throughout most of the country happen to be July and August, with some areas experiencing incredible warmth during September as well. When an elderly individual relies […]

Senior Care in Ladue, MO – Dealing with Shingles

Caregivers Brentwood MO

You might not know this, but shingles is actually very common. Over half of all Americans will have had it by the time they reach age 80. If you aren’t familiar with shingles, it’s a painful disease of the skin that’s basically the chicken pox coming back, and usually only affects one side of your […]

Different Types of Rehabilitation Services: Senior Care Considerations in Kirkwood, MO

Senior Care Kirkwood MO

As we get older, there are several services that can aid us in areas that we struggle. For those providing senior care to an elderly loved one, you may be considering different types of rehabilitation. Understanding the difference between physical, occupational, and speech therapy can help you make well-informed decisions. Physical Therapy Physical therapy (PT) […]

Elderly Care Hazelwood, MO – Summer Fun for Senior Adults and Caregivers

Elderly Care Hazelwood MO

During the very hot days of summer, you will need a list of fun and enjoyable things to do inside where it’s cool. Seniors especially, are more prone to getting heat-related health problems than other age groups. There has to be a way to stay active and engaged while remaining indoors to keep cool. The […]