Home Care Services in Webster Groves, MO Help Seniors with Low Vision

Many seniors face vision loss, referred to as a low vision. This condition is specifically defined as partial vision loss that does not respond to corrective measures such as lenses, glasses, surgery or other methods. Seniors facing low vision will experience severe reduction in visual acuity and ability to detect contrast. They may also experience […]

Senior Care Issues Hazelwood MO: Cataract Awareness

Cataracts are an extremely common senior care issue. The reality is that over half of seniors will develop cataracts by the time that they turned 70, and it is believed that every person will develop cataracts if they just live long enough. This doesn’t mean, however, that seniors and senior care providers need to prepare […]

Senior Care Issues Town & Country MO: Vitamin-D for Bone Health

Falling is one of the most serious situations related to senior care, and every year thousands of aging adults experience serious injuries related to slipping and falling. Senior home services do a tremendous amount to try to protect seniors from falling. Most of these efforts revolve around rearranging the furniture in the home, removing tripping […]