Home Care Services in Chesterfield, MO Support Older Drivers by Offering Transportation

Some states are now requiring driving tests for seniors or for men and women who have been in three or more collisions in one year, required. This is because elderly drivers are more susceptible to either being injured or killed. Statistically, senior citizens are more often in perilous or fatal wrecks than any other ages. The only way to efficiently be sure that the unsafe drivers are off the roads is for them to be mandated to take a test to see who should and who shouldn’t be driving. A few see this as discrimination, while other folks see it as a peace of mind and a way to know that their loved one will be safe while on the road. Most of the people, especially those with older family members, are already aware of the potential risks.

Homecare Agencies Make Available Light Meal Preparation, Keeping Seniors Healthy In Chesterfield MO

Our elderly men and women are the cornerstone of our local community, and anyone who has an elderly grandparent or parent can recognize that caring for them can be tough at times to say the least. There is a particular period in life that we will all arrive at when caring for ourselves can become a chore. Often times senior citizens can become inclined to forget, can’t see well, or possibly they don’t have the kind of mobility they once had in their younger years. Whatever the reason many times seniors realize that they are in a predicament where they don’t get rightnutrition through their day.

Seniors in Clayton MO: March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Regular screening is a highly essential part of preventative care. Colorectal cancer is something that all seniors generally should be screened for. March is committed to making people knowledgeable of this ailment. It is the 2nd top cause of deaths due to cancers that effect on both sexes, and 90% of persons diagnosed with colon cancer were over 50. It is proposed that screening starts at age 50and continues on until age 75. There are numerous tests that should be administered regularly to check for colon cancer.