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Against the Odds

September 6, 2017
Against the Odds

Elder Care Affton MO

Keeping your loved one at home against the odds!
When you think it is not possible to keep your loved one at home it could be. I met with his family and with his history and diagnosis I knew this could be a difficult case, we went out to assess him and he was so adorable. I could not resist to try and bring him home. The family decided to put him on hospice. ¬†We set up one of our wonderful caregivers to come over and assist him. He took to her so well that he called her his girlfriend. He started to eat again and loved her omelet’s. ¬†Unfortunately, he again started to decline. When Senior Service Unlimited’s nurse went over to check on him she noticed he wasn’t talking, eating or getting up too much. His son asked him what his last wish was and made it happen. This was it and he passed the next day. We can make sure your loved one lives their last days at home too.